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Early history

Secunda has the oil crisis of 1974 to thank for its existence, as it was founded to make South Africa less dependent on the importation of crude oil. It is doubtful whether an industry such as Sasol Two and Three ever formed part of the plans when Sasol One was formed in the 1950s. Sasol Two (1980) and Sasol Three (1982), known as Secunda CTL, the largest coal liquefaction plant in the world, produces synthetic fuel, diesel, and related fuels and petrochemicals from coal gasification. Sasol Two and Three are large industrial refineries, within view, and sometimes earshot, of the town of Secunda.

Today distinctive features of the landscape aropund Secunda are the massive cooling towers, high chimneys and the steel constructions unique to the South-African oil-from coal industry.

As coal is the main ingredient for the process, Sasol Two had to be developed around a coal field. The five coal mines, namely Brandspruit, Middelbult, Bosjesspruit, Twistdraai and Syferfontein (the latter is an underground as well as a quarry mine), form the largest underground and quarry coal mining complex in South Africa and annually supply approximately 37,3 million tons of coal to Sasol Synthetic Fuels.

Another important factor was the availability of water. Water for Sasol is supplied from Grootdraai Dam near Standerton. After the site for the Sasol complex had been identified, it had to be decided whether or not to combine the existing towns of Evander and Trichardt. The huge burden that extensions of this nature would have had on the financial and administrative resources of the established communities as well as the tempo at which such development should proceed was decisive and resulted in the decision to develop a separate town, namely Secunda.

During 1974 Sasol (Transvaal) Townships Limited, a subsidiary company of Sasol Limited, was instructed to establish and develop Secunda. On the 28th of June 1976, the first town area was proclaimed. The town already had a population of approximately seven thousand residents.

Secunda is situated on the latitude 26° and longitude 29° and is 1620 meters above sea level. It is 180 kilometers form Pretoria and 169 kilometers from Johannesburg.